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Muriel was forced by her Boss to be her son's PRETEND GIRLFRIEND because of one reason- her Voice. His Ex and her voice sounds very alike. Ang tanging. An invisible girl. A popular boy. And the exchange of messages between them. # Epistolary | Young Adult | Romance. I've always been the girl that no one notices, the girl that no one cares to know, the one that no one cares to see. The girl that no sees the scars on, the invisible.

Read #3 Invisible Girl by aLexisse_rOse from the story Best Stories in Wattpad by swirlydani (Kim Ha Na) with reads. story, wattpad, best. Title: Invisib. Read Invisible Girl- unedited (published under Pastrybug) from the story The Best of Wattpad by missglamm (Miss G.) with reads. happy, romance, horror. *This book is fiction* I'm the girl who never see, hear, or know about. I'm the girl who you would never think she's unhappy. I'm the girl you forget is in your class.

Read story The invisible girl by Shalla with reads. secret, one, twin. Prologue Her POV. Read Chapter 1 from the story The Invisible Girl by demigoddishness13 ( demigodishness13) with reads. frankzhang, jasper, goode. I've always been the. Read Meet Kylah, The Invisible Girl from the story The Invisible Girl by Jaye96 ( Jaz-Marie) with 55 reads. urbanfiction, romance. My name is Kylah Johnson. Im. Meet Sage. She's not a pretty, boy-crazy, girly girl you see at first impression. She loves to read and she loves animals. She's not boy crazy but she has a. " I choose to LOVE you in SILENCE, because in silence i find NO rejection and in loving you silently, no one owns you but ME" - Yuka Miyuka Loraine Chavez.

A/N: This is a sequel of my story which was the same title of this. If you haven't read it, better read that first. Disclaimer: The photos are not mine, they are from. A girl who has always been ignored unless she was being bullied or abused by her father or mother until one day a particular boy bumps into her in the halls. Read Chapter 1: Tragedy from the story My Invisible Girl [Book 2]: The Revelation by Rodjigop with 26 reads. comedy-romance, scientific, akari. "Why are you ch. ~"For fucks sake Y/N!! I can't see you naked, I can't see you period, so hurry up and change." I grabbed the swimsuit Jin had bought for me, my hands trailing the .

Hello, this is my first story. I don't really know how to explain the plot, so if you want to know vague outline of what it's about, read the prologue. All im. It's about a girl who one day become invisible but meets a handsome boy who eventually means more to her than just a boy. YOU ARE READING. The invisible girl. Fantasy. New girl Jordyn Anderson is completely different. She's 13 and Is smarter. One day, she gets a crush, he knows. Read Chapter 10 from the story The Invisible Girl by teataylor19 (Taylor Brennan) with 92 reads. teen, understanding, invisible. "I'm going to get Bella if you.